Presbyterian Church at Tenafly

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Adult Seminars

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Come and join us in the Church House every Sunday - 9:30 - 10:15. Coffee and bagels will be available prior to worship each week and you are encouraged to join us.

May 1 — “Hearing Our History”

As we celebrate our 150th Anniversary, come explore the origin of our congregation and the highlights of our work and witness.

May 3  and 10 Luncheon and Seminar “Meet the Mormons”

Bring a sandwich and enjoy soup and discussion as we explore the history, theology and mission of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This American born tradition is one of the world’s fastest growing religious traditions. We will trace its  origins in upstate New York and seek a better understanding of its present reality.   All are welcome.

May 8—”Remembering Mother”

Come join with others as we reflect together on our mothers and grandmothers and the roles they played in shaping our lives and our faith. We will look, too, at mothers in the Bible.

May 15—Rev. Dr. Beth Hessel, Executive Director of the Presbyterian Historical Society will be with us and will be our guest speaker at our anniversary luncheon. This is a chance to get acquainted and learn more about PHS. We will plan a group visit to the Historical Society later in the year. 

A World Turned Upside Down: Presbyterians in Tenafly and around the Globe in the Gilded Age.

As faithful Presbyterians organized a vibrant congregation in Tenafly in the 1860s and beyond, what were Presbyterians doing across the country and around the world? The Rev. Dr. Beth Hessel’s conversation will consider the ways Presbyterians in the late-nineteenth century engaged with a rapidly changing world and how our collections at the Presbyterian Historical Society can help us better understand our historical legacy.

May 22—Meet our Stated Clerk, Rev. Gradye Parsons, who will preach as a part of our 150th Anniversary. Our seminar will provide an opportunity to hear about the worldwide witness and ministry of our denomination and about the upcoming 222nd General Assembly.

May 29— “Memorial Day Weekend”

Join with others who have been exploring the lives of men and women in this congregation who have been in military service to this nation from the Civil War to the present day.







Anniversary Luncheon

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SIGN-UP for Anniversary luncheon. Join us for a special service of worship at 10:30 on May 15th followed by a Gala luncheon at the Clinton Inn 12:00 – 2:30. Our special guest speaker at the luncheon will be Rev. Dr. Beth Hessel, Executive Director of the Presbyterian Historical Society in Philadelphia. Cost is $30 per person. RSVP by May 8 to church office 201-567-0111


Scholarship Committee

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SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITYFor members attending college in the fall who are interested in applying for the church scholarship funds, please pick up an application form at the church office available beginning Monday, April 18th. The Scholarship Committee has set the deadline for application submission as FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd.


The Pastor's Pen

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“I know that whatever God does endures forever; nothing can be added to it, nor anything taken from it; God has done this, so that all should stand in awe before him.”


Ecclesiastes 3:14 


          As we mark our 150th anniversary as a congregation in Tenafly, we have much for which to give thanks.  For over a century and a half this congregation has proclaimed Christ in word and in deeds of service; has baptized hundreds of children, married thousands, and gently laid to rest the saints whose labors are done.  An anniversary is a wonderful opportunity to look back in gratitude and satisfaction upon our history and its deep connection with the lives of members, community, and even far-flung areas of mission and service.

          Yet, anniversaries also challenge us to look not only toward the past, but with renewed commitment toward the  future.  Your Session has developed plans to mark an anniversary that both honors our past and renews our dedication to the ministry established here in the    waning days of the American Civil War.  Undeterred by wartime shortage of materials, our forbearers quarried the stone for our chapel (the original sanctuary) from the site just west of the church. Like them, we too must find the resolve to serve and proclaim Christ in our rapidly changing milieu.

          To this end the Session has called upon the various boards and committees of the church to design and carry out projects to mark our anniversary. We have planned a gala event for May 15, when we will be honored by visitors representing the denomination. This summer there will be special musical events, and in April the Presbytery will meet here to share in celebrating our 150th year milestone.

          Watch for announcements of these special events throughout the year and plan to participate. Now in our generation, we, too, are charged to honor our heritage and called afresh to serve Christ through the life and witness of this vibrant congregation.


Yours for the journey,

Rev. Eileen W. Lindner



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Presby Viewers – will meet on June 12 at 4:00 PM at the home of Don and Viki Shima (62 Inness Road) to enjoy a screening of “Race” a current bio  pic about Jesse Owens winner of the gold medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Facing discrimination in the U.S. and Hitler’s white supremacy abroad, Owens overcame extraordinary obstacles in his pursuit of dignity and victory. Refreshments are served, all are welcome.





Blanket Sunday

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May 8, 2016 (Mother's Day)

The Thursday Essence Group is once again sponsoring our Blanket Sunday, Mother’s Day, MAY 8 — Church World Service blankets are    distributed around the world, wherever there is need.  At a cost of only $10.00 per blanket, you can reach out to those in need, here and abroad.  As the “church that cares” – let us continue the tradition of being a “Blanket Sunday Honor Church”.  There are gift cards for Mother’s Day.

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