Presbyterian Church at Tenafly

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Season’s Greetings are especially important to those who are limited in their ability.

Won’t you take a moment in this holiday season to send them a card and let them know their church family is thinking of them?

Do all the good you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can”. John Wesley

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Edythe Masten

Ann McGavin 

Jane Parmer

Yvonne Schneider 

Marie Wilbur 

Carol Wilson 


                                     Call the church office at 201-567-0111 to ask for their mailing addresses.


Improvements to our Buildings and Grounds

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Improvements to Our Buildings and Grounds

We have been experiencing a flurry of activity in and around our church this spring and summer.  Some of it is obvious, but a lot of it has been done quietly behind the scenes.  We want to let all of you know about what has been going on!!

In the spring Trustee Chris Smith power washed the kitchen in Jim Henry Hall and put up new wire shelving on the kitchen walls in both our kitchens. This helped to provide valuable extra storage space in the kitchens and enabled us to gain much needed counter space.  Also in the Church House kitchen, the Deacons purchased a new microwave oven; replacing the original microwave from 1991.

In early June under the leadership of Rev Lindner, we purchased 64 new LifeTime folding chairs for the Church House and a new area rug for one of the Sunday School classrooms with funds from our 150th Anniversary Capital Campaign.

 Over the final two weeks in June the office staff; Karen Baron, Rick Bower and Rod MacKenzie, negotiated new contracts for our telephone and internet services to come from Optimum along with all new telephone equipment that replaced our 25 year old office telephones.  The office staff also negotiated a contract with a local technology company to replace the office Xerox copy machine with a new Samsung X7400GX laser office printer/copier.   We were able to realize savings of greater than $100.00 per month over our present lease and contractual agreements with each of these negotiations.

This spring the Trustees approved a major repair to the heating and electrical systems located within the north wall of the main sanctuary following a water leak in the pipes to the radiator in that area of the sanctuary.  Our main church is now 67 years old and experiencing lots of leaks and cracks in its old bones and blood vessels.

This summer the Trustees approved two large projects on our grounds.  One is the repaving of part of the driveway leading down from Magnolia Avenue to the main parking lot. The second project is to replace and upgrade the front steps and patio area at the entrance to the main sanctuary.  And the Trustees partnered with the Session and the Grace and Love congregation to replace the church sign on Magnolia Avenue as detailed earlier.

 Please stop by and have a look at all our improvements when you have a chance.


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